Digital apps design Services

Whatever is developed, design has to be more sensitive than visual. As an iceberg, the visual aspect and interface quality are just the emerged top but you still have to deal with various aspects even before to be thinking about how it'll look. Good for you ! Here are a few essential steps I can help you to deal with.


Defining the project.

As many others Information designers, I can tell from experience that any efficient information system, wether it’s a web or mobile app, starts from a well thought and defined project in terms of goals and target audience.

That’s why I’ll ask you to send me a brief that present your concept and describes what are the goals for you and who is your target audience. Doing that, you’ll help yourself in the realization on your project by having a reflexion on your idea by planing it and making it intelligible for others.

At this point, having brief’s elements analysed, we could arrange a meeting for me to expose the available options for the project to you ; each of them coming with costing and time estimation for my services.

Of course, in case you’d need some support in the elaboration of your brief, I can advise you efficiently as a communications professional by helping you to identify the appropriate strategy for your project and creating plausible and reliable personas profiles to specify your target audience’s members.

As everything is good for a start, we can go to next step.

Designing User Experience.

Once the framework, goals and target audience are defined, we can start to work on it, not by developing yet but figuring the user experience of the product to come. Indeed, you may that UX Design has emerged as an important step in every contemporary project development over the 10 years and here is why : a product have been created by a way of thinking, which can be just different from the user’s one !

Good design is dependent on good site structure and a solid project definition.

To keep the control on the way your system will be approached and used at the end ; and so dress usability, we’ll go through several steps by inventoring and sorting the existing contents by categories, then prototyping the structural aspect of the app to be developed. Want further information about User experience process ? Just click here.

Designing User Interface.

If the UX design gave us the relevant structure for our app project, alloying everyone involved to know « what’s what », we now have to create a meaningful visual aspect and identity to our project.

Whether it’s minimal or massively visible, UI is just everywhere in our lives ; and consistency is the keyword here. You may have a very valuable concept, put it in an inappropriate and ugly package and none would even trying it ! UI Design is here to avoid you that mistake. In a tide collaboration, we’ll work together to create a significant, meaningful and eye catching mockup on your app with customized graphic elements and artworks.

Developing the project.

It might seem surprising, but only here comes the coding phase. In cas you wouldn’t believe it, let’s make an analogy with a building construction : you simply wouldn’t set plumbing, plaster facings and floorings… on a naked frame without any plan, while there is no walls and windows yet ? I don’t think so ; or that would be a really big mistake. So it’s the same way of thinking in a digital app development.

Once everything have been well formed and prepared, we have a solid, reliable structure that won’t collapse to the first gust of wind, in which every component has been perfectly thought. It’s time to build up the house.

As a front-end developer, I can work on the integration of the visual style and interactions component of your mockup, while managing the project with your back-end developers regarding the app core working functionalities. However, if you don’t have any back-end developers available, I surely can to hire some for you and supervise their work on the project to ensure the design work and plans we’ve been laying down are executed accurately.

Be assured my background proven technical proficiencies and adaptability will make me able to join and liaise efficiently with your teams to drive the project to its end.

Project launch

Congratulations ! We did it.

What was a simple project recently is now up to get online through the web.

After having managed the project in a professional way, designed ergonomic and user friendly interfaces, developed with reliable tools and tested on advanced conditions, your baby made it and is now ready to be a part of a profitable running for you to make substantial profits form it.

To stay on the spot in the perpetual evolutions occurring on the web, we can install analytics so you’ll keep an up-to-date live feed about the users’ profiles using your app and their individual habits. Getting that, you’ll be able to evolve with your market. But for now, you can just sit and relax, enjoying your project got real and start to think about the next step !