Tommy Galmiche - web designer & Multimedia developer

Halloween party finder User Intarface

UI design - October 2015

This finder project aimed to provide informations to user regarding the various events happening in London for the celebration of Halloween 2015.

As it was built as a concrete web-based application, this interface relies on scripts to recognize users’s post codes as it’s entered by them and then provide a list of events in the closest area. In case it they is nothing happening in the closest area of the user, it then provide the whole list of the event indexed by TimeOut London, Eventbride and In this way, you still find somewhere to go to celebrate Halloween.

The interface is mobile-friendly and its design has been adapted to top of the maker mobile devices. The visual design aim to illustrate the friendly and casual atmosphere usually pasting this typical yearly event.

To create this interface, I have been using Twitter Bootstrap framework, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript and JQuery framework, as well as open-source image processor GIMP.

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