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D(esign) U think ?

Graphic Design - Sep. 2015

Here is a design project I've been making in september 2015. I have actually been considering it as the header section's visual element on my blog dedicated to web design trends and practices and more generally dedicated to user experience oriented topic and "design thinking" related topics.

In this design, the straight and formal lines tend to stand for both accuracy and complex information architecture which actually define our modern and rich data communications network ; and so does the graph paper texture on the background. On the top of that, the pen scribbled filling look of the letters evoke the wire framing technic which is used by designers to mock up the Information system in the pre-development phases while the sketchy aspect in that also tend to stand for the forwardness and avant-gardism that usually define designers’s role.

To produce this design, I've been using the the open source software GIMP.

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