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Beautiful May, thoughts & quotes

Graphic Design & UI Design - May 2015

Here is a personnal project I've been designing in May 2015, as spring was setting, flowering grounds and blossoming trees... Well this whole climate made me think about poetry. So I just followed the flow !

What I basically did was to gather some famous poetic composition and quotes from some of the english and american litterature's reknowned authors, from the XVIth to XXth century, called back G. Herbert to Sara Teasdale's prose. Thus, each signature send back to the related biography.

Designing this interface, I wanted to emphasize the user with a spring related edition. Thus, I used longscrolling editing and parallax design technic to increase storytelling of the content, while the gradient red of the first slide evoke this fresh, primary, sweet atmosphere of spring with its shaped "May" inscriptio,n and purple tones popping out on the way from the second slide behind.

To produce this design, I've been using the open source software GIMP while to responsive design was made with CSS3 and HTML5.

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